About Hypnosis

About Hypnosis – What it is not… and what it is.

Not Sleep

Although, it is not being totally awake either. It is kind of somewhere in-between being awake and being asleep. Like those moments when you’re waking up, but you’re not totally awake yet. Or at night when you’re falling asleep, but you are not quite asleep yet. Like when you just find yourself in deep thought staring at a blank spot on the wall and someone walks into the room and calls your name three times before you even notice.

Not Mind Control

If it was they wouldn’t need guns to rob banks. They could just walk in and wave their hand in front of the tellers face and say “Put all the money in the bag, Be Happy and forget that you ever saw me”. Then we’d have a bunch of rich Hypnotists, Happy Tellers and the banks scratching their heads asking “where is all their money?”. We don’t see this happening quite yet. And then we could hypnotize all the world leaders to “get along, Stop these stupid wars and here… have some money”.

Not Truth Serum

People can lie just as easily when they are hypnotized as when they are not. And besides, we really don’t want to know anyone’s deep dark secrets. We just want you to be honest with yourself and become a Non-Smoker once and for always.


Hypnosis is fully approved by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a viable therapy since the 1950’s. It has been used since ancient Egypt and before. Overall it is considered a benign therapy in that it can do no harm only neutral or positive results.

Not for the Weak Willed

As a matter of fact, studies have shown that the more intelligent a person is, the easier they can be hypnotized. This is because Hypnosis engages the unconscious imagination.

Can’t Get Stuck in Hypnosis

Well, not unless you are in the movie “Office Space”

Not Amnesia

Although, it might be nice to forget about having ever smoked.

No Strange Powers

Sparks don’t fly from our fingertips. Our eyes don’t glow red or create hypnotic spirals.


We see people get up on stage and it’s as if the hypnotist is controlling them. The ones that appear as though they could not be controlled are kicked off stage. When you take an audience of 1000-2000 people there will naturally be a large percentage of people that would not volunteer to get on stage even to receive an award. Most people realize that, at these shows, people will do some silly and/or embarrassing things on stage (in the name of good clean fun, but embarrassing non-the-less). Since they know this in advance, they are basically volunteering to do it. The Hypnotist will usually do a quick suggestability test to see their receptiveness within this environment. Usually about 10-12 stay on stage with 1-2 being the star and following every suggestion. However, even without hypnosis, we could probably find these 1-2 people that would be willing to do silly and embarrassing things on stage. This proves that hypnosis is a great way to get people to do things that they already want to do.