General FAQ’s


1Is Hypnosis like those stage shows, where the person is controlled by the hypnotist?
Quite the contrary. Hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness and focus. You will hear everything and be in full control during each session.
2Are only gullible people able to be hypnotized?
It has been proven in clinical studies that the more intelligent a person is, the easier they will go into hypnosis because it engages the imagination.
3What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is defined as trance. Trance is defined as an altered state of mind. As you read this you are in one state of mind, if you were driving a car that’s another, when you are working that’s still another, and dreaming is still another. If all of these are different states, then which one is hypnosis? All or None...You Decide. It’s about being in the trance that works best for you.
4How do I know that I can be hypnotized?
We perform a series of suggestibility tests before the session, as well as using convincers during the hypnosis.
5How many sessions will it take?
This is dependant upon the individual, and is why our programs are custom tailored to meet your needs. With medical hypnosis this will be evaluated by a medical doctor as well. We will do our best to answer this for you at the screening session.
6What can I expect at a consultation session?
First, you will be asked specific questions about what you want. Next you will receive an explanation of the different types of hypnosis that will be used to best accomplish your needs, goals, wishes and desires, leaving you feeling good for the rest of your life. Finally, pricing will be determined based upon the program that is best designed for you to achieve your results.
7What is a 3-D hypnosis tape?
We recorded a general motivational tape, called “Designing The Ultimate You”, utilizing special holophonic michrophones to create a true 3-D sound. Some find it very hypnotic, while others find it inspiring and motivational. Either way you are sure to enjoy it as our gift to you for attending the screening.